A Criminal Lawyer Is Essential When One Is Charged With A Crime


If you’ve been summoned to court for a criminal case, then no doubt you will be feeling highly anxious and stressed. For many people, this will be something you have no experience in, and the whole thing can be very distressing even if you’re sure of a positive outcome, that is why getting a criminal lawyer is necessary.


As I just mentioned, for many people going to court is going to be something that’s completely alien and much more intimidating as a result. If you’re generally law-abiding citizen, then there is little reason for you to have been to court before and you may see as such not know what to expect.

This in itself is nerve-wracking of course and makes it difficult for you to plan for the future. How long is the case likely to go on for? What are your chances of succeeding? Who can come with you? What should you wear?

All these things are questions that a criminal lawyer can answer for you, and once you have that knowledge you’ll find it’s much less scary and that you feel much more confident. See more.

Practice and Prepping

You need your lawyer to speak on your behalf so that you don’t have to make your own case on the big day. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely off the hook – you and your witnesses are still going to have to talk in public and answer questions, and this can still be very daunting.

One of the things a lawyer will do then is to run through your case with you, to help you get you ‘stories’ straight, and to practice answer questions that are likely to come up. Just as you should practice before giving any speech or presentation, this can help you to perform better on the day and will improve your confidence.

The Surrounding Matters

The court date itself is not the only thing you are going to have to prepare for. For instance, you may find that you can avoid court altogether if you can settle out of court and this is something that your lawyer will be able to help with. Likewise, your lawyer can also be helpful for dealing with press inquiries and police questioning and helping you to say the right thing out of court as well. Finally, if things don’t go to plan, then a lawyer can help you with the appeal process as well as advising you on whether or not this is a good route for you to take. Lawyer have many different roles than in a criminal case and can help in many ways to make the process less stressful and more expedient.


Criminal lawyers aren’t just there to help you win your case and ensure that you put forward a good argument, they have a wide range of different roles, and many of these can be highly useful in helping you to avoid feeling so stressed and scared. Learn more details at https://www.criminallawyersbarrie.ca/article/exercise-your-right-to-remain-silent