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Experiences so far!

Take heed of the lessons learned.

Almost all the vital and conclusive evidence has been unearthed once the wall of confidentiality is penetrated. It is generally known that the MLI process is simply to ask health authorities to pass on letters to patients whose initials and dates of birth are known. We neither seek, nor are given, any information regarding the identity of patients. It is left to patients, once they have read a carefully worded letter, to respond or remain anonymous. Seventy percent respond. In paediatric cases we normally receive a one hundred percent response rate. The revelations in patient interviews are often astounding. It seems nothing is beyond possibility for a dishonest investigator - one has offered a patient £2000 not to respond to MLI, one had a married couple in the same depression study even though only the wife was diagnosed as being depressed; her husband was asked to participate to support his wife. Blinding envelopes have been found to be vulnerable - information within can easily be obtained without damaging seals. Nurses have been coerced into taking up to three ECG's at the same time from the same patient. Other wrongdoings involve falsifying medical records, inventing patients, splitting blood samples and so on.

Our People

Peter Jay MFPM (Hon) MIPI

Jonathan Jay MIPI

Dr Jane Barrett MBBS FFPM LLM
Chief Medical/Legal Adviser

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