MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd.

What can you do for MLI?

The exchange of information is vital so that relevant material can be assessed and utilised in the fight against fraud. Keep us updated with problem areas and make use of our services.

Do not run away from fraud. By facing it head on you will assist not only us but the entire industry to reduce it to a minimum. Together we can make the UK the safest place in Europe to conduct research.

Trust MLI to act in your best interests. Commercial sensitivity is nothing new to us - confidentiality is highly important to our working relationship.

Have faith in the system we have developed to investigate and prosecute our cases. Mistakes for us would cost dearly in terms of credibility- we take pains to get it right

Remember- there is no guarantee we will win every case. We do guarantee that we will act with integrity, determination and loyalty to you.

Our People

Peter Jay MFPM (Hon) MIPI

Jonathan Jay MIPI

Dr Jane Barrett MBBS FFPM LLM
Chief Medical/Legal Adviser

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