MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd.

Spreading the word!

A major part of MLI work has been partly self promotional with numerous NHS and pharma periodicals carrying features on aims and objectives. This also has the effect of delivering a clear message of intent to those who feel that skewing the scientific database and exploiting patients is fair game. The Times, Sunday Times, Observer, and Daily Express have all carried articles highlighting achievements. There have been several BBC, ITV and local radio programmes in which MLI has featured. Efforts are continually made to ensure that the press and public are fully aware of the pharma industry's determination to keep research clean and reliable. Anyone continuing fraudulent activity, or pondering the merits of such acts for financial gain in the future has been clearly warned. The GMC has also made clear its determination to deal firmly with offenders.

Our People

Peter Jay MFPM (Hon) MIPI

Jonathan Jay MIPI

Dr Jane Barrett MBBS FFPM LLM
Chief Medical/Legal Adviser

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