MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd.

What MLI can do for you?

There have always been problems, in particular :

  • Sloppy work or fraud?
  • How to handle "suspicion"
  • What about libel and slander?
  • How far can we go in a for-cause audit interview?
  • Why a for-cause audit? Isn't the evidence already there?
  • What can we do abroad?
  • What do we look for - what are the obvious danger signs?
  • Where can I get advice?
  • What if we're wrong?

??These problems need addressing and this is where MLI should be involved. To ignore (and therefore condone) fraud is potentially damaging for companies and for health agencies. Whistle blowing is now far more acceptable and frequent. Remember, legislation now protects the genuine whistleblower in the workplace.

Our People

Peter Jay MFPM (Hon) MIPI

Jonathan Jay MIPI

Dr Jane Barrett MBBS FFPM LLM
Chief Medical/Legal Adviser

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